Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin MA (Oxon), FRACP, PhD is Chair of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Newcastle and general physician in Hunter New England Health. She leads a clinical- academic team of 25 clinicians/researchers focussed on the clinical and cost-effective use of both novel and existing therapeutics, via rigorous assessment of current data, prediction of clinical efficacy and safety in groups underpresented in clinical trials, and supported by pharmacoepidemiological data and measurement of surrogates of drug exposure. Ensuring therapeutics are used in ways commensurate with individuals’ variable pharmacology is also a key part of both the new MD curriculum at the University of Newcastle and training of graduates and physician trainees. The Newcastle pharmacology team has collaborations with cancer, palliative care and infectious diseases teams around Australia and New Zealand and policy roles with Statewide, national and international regulatory and reimbursement committees, the College of Physicians and ASCEPT.